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Favela By Alex Hijmans, Cois Life

' . . . leabhar a mbeidh áit aige i measc na ndírbheathaisnéisí is suimiúla dar scríobhadh riamh i nGaeilge.' - Robert McMillen, Irish News. a book which is among the most interesting autobiographies that were ever written in Irish.

Price: €18.00 | Reference: 9781901176964  

Idir Dhá Thír
Idir Dhá Thír By Cois Life, Alex Hijmans

A new collection of short stories from Alex Hijmans.‘A person leaves a trail in their wake like a boat in the sea or as a comet in the sky. Sápmi left its mark on me and – however small – I left my mark on Sápmi.’In this collection, Alex Hijmans traces the tracks left by migration on...

Price: €12.00 | Reference: 9781907494659  

Gonta By Alex Hijmans, Cois Life

The short stories in Gonta are a multi-lingual project in Irish, English and Dutch. The author created the stories first in one of the three languages and then translated to the other two languages afterwards. Some of the original stories in Irish were published in the Irish literary magazine,...

Price: €14.00 | Reference: 9781907494291  

An Tearmann
An Tearmann By Alex Hijmans, Cois Life

A young language activist from Co. Clare, Eoin Ó Síocháin, travels to Brazil to learn more about a violent conflict between a native tribe and landowners. As he comes to learn more about the local people he comes to an understanding that the story is not as straightforward as it first...

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