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Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow

Seacht gclár le rogha teanga Gaeilge nó Béarla.

DINOSAUR TRAIN embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains while sparking an interest in Life Science, Natural History and Paleontology. 

Featuring seven episodes! 

Rogha Teanga: Gaeilge agus Béarla ar an DVD. 

  • Dinosaurs in the Snow: Buddy and his Pteranodon family ride the Dinosaur Train to the North Pole – where it's cooler out and the skies are dark all winter long! The kids get to play in the snow and slide on a frozen pond for the first time.
  • Cretaceous Conifers: The whole Pteranodon family has fun celebrating Mom's favorite holiday, Winter Solstice. They learn about large conifer (evergreen) trees and help decorate them at a holiday party.
  • King Cryolophosaurus: Buddy, Tiny, Don and Mom meet a reclusive, singing dinosaur named King who has a big swooping crest on his head and a big voice to match.
  • Confuciusornis Says: The next stop on the Dinosaur Train World Tour takes the Pteranodon family to Confuciusornis Gardens, where they meet a very wise old dinosaur. They try some new foods and even learn to meditate.
  • Tiny's Tiny Doll: During a stop on the Pteranodon family’s World Tour, Tiny accidentally leaves her beloved Tiny Doll behind in Velociraptor Valley. Knowing Tiny can't sleep without it, Valerie and Velma Velociraptor enlist the help of a wide-winged Pterosaur named Ziggy to fly Tiny's doll back to the train.
  • Ned the Quadruped: Buddy and Tiny tour the Dinosaur Train and earn their Junior Conductor hats while their friend Ned, a four-legged, long-necked Brachiosaurus and regular train rider, tags along.
  • Don & the Troodons: The Pteranodon family oversleeps and has to hurry to make another guided walk on their World Tour! Don asks to stay back on the train, where he ends up having a great day with the Conductor and his mom, Mrs. Conductor!



Praghas: €15.00