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Marcus Hernon: Coigil an Tine

By Marcus Hernon

Tagairt: MHCD001  

Marcus Hernon: Coigil an Tine / Kindle the Fire: Pure Connemara Ancestral Dance Music

A collection of tunes both traditional and newly-composed by Marcus Hernon. 

Track listing

Coigil an Tine / Kindle the Fire, Sealthú na bhFataí / Strain the Spuds

Feargal O'Gara, Dalgan Lebians

Gauger (Trad), Maggie Lynn's 

Waltz Sheáin Simon, Farewell to Dagmar

The Night of the Big Wind, Coleman's Cross (Trad), Chris Droney's

Siolla gon Ghaoth

Connemara my Home

The Edenberry, The International, Martin Wynn's (Trad)

Tell her I am, Far from Home, Dinny Delaney's

Palmer's Gate, Bush in Bloom, Lamb on the Lawn

Dear Lisa, Drimroe Cross, Anthony Frawley's 


Jackie Coleman's, Cregg's Pipes

Austin Tierney's, Taimín O'Dea, New Line to Loughaun 



Praghas: €14.99